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All jokes aside, it is very important that budgies toenails are kept trimmed. This can be an absolute night mare if your budgie isn’t used to being handled or gets easily spooked. It can be quite traumatic for them in fact, if dislike of handling is the case, not to mention painful for the owner in the firing line if the budgie decides to give you a nip! But this cannot be allowed to deter you as over grown toenails on a budgie can be dangerous for the bird if it gets stuck on a perch or the likes. Be thankful if you only have to worry about trimming one set of nails and have great sympathy for those with a flight of them (well, if the budgies are a little scatty of course!). Plasters at the ready!

The best place in the cage to put your cement perch is so that it would be the highest perch in the cage altogether. This way, it will become the favoured perch, which will encourage its use, thus making sure that the budgie will land on it often, resulting in regular nail filing and a happy budgie. You will probably also find that they will enjoy filing their beaks on this perch too, as it keeps it all in good check and gets rid of any rough edges that might be causing aggravation. That’s one smooth beaked and pedicured budgie of its own accord – great stuff!

For those with aviaries and large sleeping cages that would be ‘housing’ maybe a dozen or so (or even more!) budgies, it is a good idea (and would be much appreciated by the budgies) if you invest in some of the very long cement perches so that they can all have a sit on them and get equal use out of it. You can get them at about 2cm in diameter and around 30cm long if you wanted. This really is a great solution and I would highly recommend this one.

Don’t forget though, that for those of you that have budgies that are happy to be handled and won’t be troubled by having their toenails clipped, you can do it manually and trim them yourself, as long as you don’t forget to do it. Read all instructions very carefully as it would be equally as bad to trim too much off and could be painful for the budgie. This would mean that not only had you hurt them, but that trust would be damaged and would take a lot of work to sort that back out.