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All budgies need different amounts of attention when it comes to hygiene. It would be so much easier to just be able to say ‘bath your budgie twice a week, and don’t forget behind its ears and between its toes!’, but there is no such rule of thumb - you have to make judgement yourself. You may have a budgie that hates having a bath, no matter what method you use! If you see that your feathered lodger is trying its hardest to flap water from its water bowl over its wings, then it would be a good idea to get hold of one of the plastic bird baths that can attach to the entrance of the cage, as this behaviour indicates that it would love a good, old fashioned bird bath.

If you can’t get one of the small bird baths for the budgies cage, then see what you can find at home! You could do a make-shift tub for your budgie out of a small, shallow bowl (soup bowls are a good shape – nothing with high up sides), a shallow (clean) storage container and if it’s secure enough in your bathroom, then the bathroom sink could even work. The main thing is that they feel safe and not trapped. Put some lukewarm water into whatever option you have chosen and leave them to it. Some may feel better if they have a familiar object in there with them (like a favourite, water safe toy or a mirror) and watch them have a splash (and boy do they like doing that!). I would recommend getting loads of towels around the area that you have set up the budgie bath to cover anything that you don’t want getting wet – your budgie won’t give two hoots what gets the brunt of its fun, watery frolics! Some budgies enjoy being able to have a flap under a running water tap too, and if they are tame enough, will love to sit on the owners hand whilst doing so. Please make sure that the faucet is not to strong and that the temperature is only lukewarm – it is very important.

If you have the appropriate tools, this next suggestion could be the key. If you have a spare clean spray bottle that sprays decent sized drops, then why not give your budgie a shower! The best idea would be to take them to the bathroom with their cage so that they can perch in it and put it in your empty bath, then spray them with lukewarm water (imitate the rain!) – They could very well prefer this method. Alternatively, you could try supplying your budgie with some wet lettuce leaves (or similar) and watch as they roll themselves around in them to get clean (make sure the leaves are fresh mind!). Afterwards, budgies are known to really enjoy routing through damp tufts too. In the wild, they do this too when tufts are still a little wet from the morning dew. Have a go and see which they prefer – it’s just as fun for you to watch, seeing them having so much fun whilst having a wash!

Why we love budgies?

Adored by everyone, budgies manage to remind us about the beautiful rainbow, we get to see so rarely, through their shining colors. They are playful, cute and easy to be looked after, the ideal pet for you and your family. Some love them for their company and colors while others appreciate the way they speak to them. Either way budgies are admired and loved everywhere they happen to be.

These beautiful birds that appeared for the first time in Australia have been spread all over the world becoming the favorite pet in many houses. As all pets, budgies are divided in many subspecies differentiated by size and color. If today we can find countless combinations of colors, the original budgies were of a bright green which, according to the legend, was helping them to camouflage in the wood. If you like budgies and want to get one, you should know that they like to receive affection and need your full attention.

Budgies are friendly

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If you do not to disappoint your companions or budgie, maybe a solution would be to make them feel comfortable together. Escorts from Eros are gorgeous and also radiant girls so they will be loved by your little bird for sure. As for your astonishing companions, as long as your pet will not make too much noise, they will be loving it. You can have fun with one of the pretty escorts while your budgie will be delighted by their glowing clothes, their shiny hair or their colorful nails. Furthermore, you should know that London escorts appreciate people who give affection, therefore seeing how much you love your bird will make them love you even more.

Your companion will adore your little pet when they will hear about how easy it is to be looked after. Budgies are usually eating seeds or pellet, which can be bought from almost every local shop, just make sure they have a superior quality otherwise your pet will not eat them at all. If you want to spoil it, mix some seeds with honey and your little bird will be thrilled. Another important thing is not to forget about giving them fresh water or some tea anytime they need it.

All in all budgies make us forget about the noise they sometimes do over the night and the bad smell we could feel when they need to have their home cleaned. In a way or another, they always show us how much they love us and we become more and more attached to them.